Beans are one of the oldest and most important foods in our diet, centuries ago, the Bean variety began to be grown in South America, in the area of ​​Mexico and Guatemala.

It was with the arrival of the conquerors of the Iberian Peninsula to the "new world" that the merchants brought them to Europe, Africa and Asia.

As initial differentiation in the varieties of bean we can find in the first characteristic more striking, its color, making two generic groups:

White bean.- This type of bean, of which there are several species with their own denominations of origin, is a variety of common bean (Phaselus vulgaris). It is creamy white, crushed and large. Normally, in the stews can be substituted by beans of other classes.

Black bean.- It belongs to the family of dark beans (black, red, pints, etc.). Black bean, usually small and shiny, of good quality and appearance, is the basic ingredient, along with rice, of the typical Spanish dish "Moros y Cristianos".

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  • The farm-grown fava is a bean that is produced exclusively in Asturias as a result of centuries of genetic selection and certain conditions of soil and climate. It is no coincidence that this is so; the fertile plains of the Asturian rivers provide the ideal substratum for obtaining high quality agricultural products and, of course, the farm-grown fava is... The farm-grown fava is a bean that is...

  • It is small, white and round shaped. Very tasty, with a lot of protein and low in fibre, it is similar to Santa Pau beans, grown in the U.S. in the state of Michigan and is ideal for preparing empedrados (paella with beans) or accompanying dishes. Used more and more to replace the larger beans. It is small, white and round shaped....

  • Cannellini are white beans, also known as "Italian White Beans". They are medium-sized, about 1/2 inch long, and kidney-shaped, with a hard seed cover. This specific variety is very popular in Italian cuisine, appearing in dishes such as minestrone soup, pasta e fagioli and the dish of stewed beans with garlic and rosemary. Cannellini are white beans, also...

Showing 13 - 15 of 15 items