Packaged pulses
The new way of eating pulses is already a reality. Introduce our products, you will not regret it!!
More than 50 years of experience in the sector and more than 25 in the packaged section clearly demonstrate that the consumer who tries our product changes their way of eating pulses. This is due to the great difference in quality compared to the classic formats like glass jars or tins. The large restaurant businesses needing large quantities prefer it for its convenience, as our pulses are ready to eat directly from the packet if you want. The modern day client has also shown a preference for quality over saving a few cents.
Little by little our products are replacing food in tins and jars, and are already in second position in the consumption of pulses, resulting in an average of sales of 10/25 daily units/store according to the metres of each store.
Dry pulses
More than 50 years of experience in cooking pulses and our volume of consumption and consequently of price and quality make us stand out in this sector.
We would like to insist once again on our experience that, added to our professionalism, makes the perfect combination for our success. That is why the quality in this line, DRY PULSES IN BAGS OF 5 and 25 KILOS, is very high. The reason is simple: we buy hundreds of tons from the best farmers in the world, in areas of Southern Europe, including Spain, South America and North America. Depending on the season, the climatology, the harvest and the type of grain, we make a selection for tasting in our facilities. Once the quality has been assured by cooking small batches, we proceed to purchase the entire crop as well as only part of the crops in other areas that we allocate to our two lines of business: cooked pulses for our packaging line and our dry pulses section in containers of 5 and 25 kg. The quality is guaranteed as we cook it ourselves and give the guarantee that the product is of an excellent quality.
Our prices are very competitive with respect to the rest of Europe, eliminating intermediate packers and having a more competitive labour force than in other countries. This is making more and more distributors from other countries count on us to market dry pulses for its subsequent sale in traditional stores, large supermarkets, hotels and large corporations.
There are more and more establishments that have dry pulses in bulk for later fractional sale, and this is a very interesting sector to promote this product, which can be found in hundreds of CASH AND CARRY centres and distributors, but with MUÑIDO & GARRIDO, they will not only buy dried pulses, but will buy and repeat, increasing sales progressively for quality and price.
Distributors in France and the rest of Europe
Consumer habits have changed. Our long days and our preferences for how to spend time have changed. Few people spend one or two hours cooking nowadays, although the economic crisis of recent years has made our dry pulse line increase year by year in the last 5 years. That is why our products are a guarantee of success in the market. Despite all the new habits of life, people now, more than ever, strive for a balanced and healthy diet.
And that is where we enter; the pulse is an indispensable food for our diet. However, the existing tin and jar format on the market, having to rinse the pulses before consumption and with a low quality grain, has made consumption of pulses in these formats fall significantly over the last few decades. This is not so with our format thanks to the quality of the grain and our OPEN AND EAT directly concept, a concept that has been well established in hundreds of products over recent years, but not for pulses.
That is why in all the establishments that start with MUÑIDO & GARRIDO packaged cooked pulses multiply their sales in pulses by at least five times, verified by the history of more than 5,000 points of sale in Catalonia, the Balearic islands, Madrid and Valencia.
There are several distributors who rely on us outside of Spain and confirm the tendency to replace traditional formats with our packaged cooked pulses, for the quality as well as the dry pulses line, due, on the one hand, to the economic crisis over recent years and on the other to the increased popularity of natural products.
Believe in distributing our products and you will not regret it. We are present in Spain, France and our expansion continues through Belgium and the Netherlands.